Knowledge Transfer

RELEASE Masterclasses

RELEASE is a multidisciplinary program and not all the involved researchers and partners in the program have the same background. Therefore to strengthen the Dutch knowledge in the field and stimulate exchange of research results and joint activities, a series of master classes have been developed:

Date Event By
01-06-2022 ‘Governance and Ethics’ for the consortium to increase awareness on the subject and its importance in the development of technology and its societal implementation. Benham Taebi, Martijn Groenleer
22-03-2022 Masterclass Ruud Kortlever
March 2022 ‘Introduction to RELEASE’ – with a focus to educate RELEASE researchers who have limited or no knowledge on the subject of electrochemistry. This class has been designed only for RELEASE PhD and PD researchers, with a limited number of participants to encourage interactive discussions on the subject.

RELEASE Lunch Lectures

Date Speaker
29-05-2024 To be announced
27-03-2024 Nicola Menegazzo
31-01-2024 Naveen Guruprasad
25-10-2023 Matt Peerlings
27-09-2023 Svenja Bielefeld
24-05-2023 Nynke van Uffelen
19-04-2023 Onno van der Heijden
22-03-2023 Naveen Gurupsarad
15-02-2023 Andrea Ramirez Ramirez
25-01-2023 Earl Goetheer
02-11-2022 Maaike van Ittersum

RELEASE Open Lectures (online)

Date Subject Speaker
05-10-2021 Direct Air Capture technologies using supported amine sorbents Wim Brilman (RL 3)
06-04-2021 Producing Renewable Fuels and Chemical Building Blocks from CO2 Prof.dr. Petra de Jongh (RL 1)

RELEASE Other Activities

Date Activity
Nov 2021 RELEASE sponsored the 2nd ECCM Graduate school and ECCM Research Day as part of its effort to encourage and stimulate the development of information and educational activities directed at professionals. RELEASE academic partners contributed to the lectures and PhD students participated in both programs and presented their work in the poster session.