Scientific Challenges

To reach the cost level needed for successful, large-scale deployment of electrochemical storage technology, breakthroughs are needed in a plethora of interlinked disciplines for basically all components of electrochemical cells and their integration into systems and markets: electrodes and membranes, reactor designs, process control and intermittency, integration with industrial processes, and social innovations such as feasible business models and fair governance arrangements.

The project architecture of RELEASE shows the intertwining of generic and technology specific research lines.

Research Lines

Work packages

The project architecture of RELEASE consists of 10 research work packages (WP):

1A: New electrode materials (RL1, RL3, RL4)
1B: Membranes and electrodes for increased lifetime under harsh and realistic conditions (RL1, RL5)
2A: System dynamics and integration (RL2, RL3, RL4)
2B: Fair governance and regulation (RL2, RL5)
3A: Cost-effective reactor design for AEM water electrolysis (RL3, RL1)
3B: Anodic H2O2 production in alkaline water electrolysis (RL3, RL2)
4A: Conversion of CO2 to energy-dense molecules (RL4, RL1)
4B: Integrated CO2 capture and conversion (RL4, RL2)
5A: Redox flow batteries (RL5, RL1)
5B: Salt batteries (RL5, RL2)